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Vicar's APCM Report 2020

Luke 9:1-10

In our Gospel reading Jesus appoints the 70 and sends them ahead in pairs with one of the most quoted sayings about church life,

“The harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few!”

He asks them to step out in faith, carrying no purse, bag, sandals etc.

If they get welcomed great and if not move on but all equally charged with “curing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom is near”.

Well, we have just appointed 2 churchwardens, 3 deanery representatives and have 9 other PCC representatives along with the staff team. We also know that there are many others who volunteer in other capacities to assist with worship, or welcoming, pastoral care, practical premises, or other administrative tasks. Many are involved in growing the kingdom through evangelism and outreach, children’s or youth ministry as well as working with other like-minded groups locally. All this points to a lively vibrant community and yet there is always more to do and there are constant requests for help with a variety of tasks – ‘the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few’.

So, what if we