We are pleased to offer baptism to babies, children, young people and adults. It is a real privilege to be involved in people’s lives in this way, at a very important time for them. In common with other Anglican churches, we understand baptism (or christening- an alternative name) as the beginning of a person’s life within the church. God knows us and loves us from when we first come into being; baptism is our formal entry into the church – and it is a cause for celebration and for joy.

If you have an enquiry about baptism, then please email and Sarah or one of our baptism team will reply. To begin the process we invite you to come to a Sunday service to meet the clergy and a member of the baptism team. Arrangements for older children (about 12 years onwards) and adults will be forwarded to the clergy and are often combined with a Confirmation Course.

For Child Baptism once you have met us at a Sunday service, there is an evening Baptism Preparation Meeting to attend (with the clergy and any other parents who have enquired) to consider the meaning of baptism, confirm your individual arrangements and answer any questions you may have. Our baptism team members are on hand to assist you throughout the process; one of us will be at the baptism and we will keep in touch by delivering baptism anniversary cards and inviting you to our family events.

An important role of each parish church is to baptise the people who live within its boundaries. People living beyond the set boundaries of Christ Church are in another parish, however, the baptism can be here if there are already links with our church, perhaps through family, or other involvement. Each enquiry is assessed individually and, if baptism at Christ Church is offered, the Vicar of the candidate’s ‘home’ parish will need to be informed. When you make an enquiry please tell us your postcode and you will be advised accordingly.

Your child’s Baptism can be an excellent opportunity for the whole family to become involved with and support your child. We hope that you will also be encouraged in your faith and that you will wish to participate in our services at Christ Church. We leave it to you, of course, to decide your own level of involvement but we pray that you will experience baptism as an important event on an exciting and longer journey of faith with God, and with us at Christ Church.

We look forward to meeting you.


Sarah Chorley (Baptism Secretary)