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Us and our vision...

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Rosemary Donovan


01372 720 302


Berwick Curtis

Licensed Lay Minister/Reader


Fay Wedlake


Sue Curtis

Associate Minister

01372 210 492


Esther Hunt


Andy Hards

Other contacts:

Office Contact

Parish Office (General enquiries)

01372 743 133

Hall Bookings



PCC Officers

Treasurer (Nigel Daniels)

Assistant Treasurer (Malcolm Channing)

PCC Secretary (Jane Williams)

Safeguarding Officers

(Les King)

(Maureen King)

Youth & Families

Youth & Families Worker - Sofia Welsby

07517 006 488

Choir & Band

Choir Director & Organist - David Williams

Band Leader - Dan Allsopp

Enquiries to:

Our vision

We believe we are called to be a community that is open to God's love so that many are drawn to the light of God’s love, transformed in the fire of Christ's love and sent out in the power of the Spirit’s love.

We are working to Know God through prayer, Grow in Faith through Discipleship, and Go out in Service to be His hands and feet in the world.

The big picture is based on our strapline,

"Christ Church as a Living Well and Christ Church living well"

​and is a response to scripture, namely Isaiah 58:11-12 and John 4.


As a Living Well Christ Church (the building) is a place of resource, attractive, inspiring and compelling.


       in terms of our premises, fit for purpose facilities for both worship and events.


       in terms of a space ‘to be’, curating an atmosphere of awe and wonder, encounter and meeting where people can find God and experience love, joy and peace.


       in terms of activities, that people would want or find they need to be here as Christ Church fuels and stimulates them.


Christ Church is a place of challenge and action. Involvement is not simply passive but enabling and requiring people to live well. Thus, Christ Church (the people) are called to live Christ centred holistic lives based on our Rule for life which also calls us to be healthy


       in terms of diet and exercise.


       in terms of relationship with God and prayer life as well as work/life balance.


       in terms of discipleship and stewardship as well as creativity.

This is because we believe Jesus has come to bring us life and life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

“Christ Church seeks to welcome, affirm, and celebrate every person and show no discrimination. We ensure that disability, socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, learning difficulties, mental health, neurodiversity, age, or sexuality have no bearing on full membership, participation or involvement in the worship and witness, as part of our church community.

We welcome those who are looking for a safe space and those who are exploring the Christian faith.

We take the Bible seriously, proclaiming the Gospel in our contemporary context.

We rejoice in the breadth and depth of the love of God in the sacrifice of Jesus and affirm God with us in the indwelling Holy Spirit.”  


Statement adopted by the PCC Jan 2021

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