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Vision Prayer Group

The Vision Prayer Group (VPG) was established by Rosemary in 2017 to pray for the Diocesan initiative of ‘Transforming Church Transforming Lives’ and the Christ Church programme of ‘Living Well & living well’. Each year we have met monthly to pray based on a list of Biddings and to have a quiet time when we try to listen to what the Lord wants. Please click here for the Biddings we are using this year.

Biddings October 2023

We meet virtually on Zoom and we have our quiet time that way as well. In our quiet time we write down any thoughts we have, send them afterwards to Peter who puts them together and sends the composite to Rosemary, the Church Wardens, and the Group. The advantage of meeting “virtually” is that no-one needs to travel to get to a meeting and anyone who is housebound for whatever reason can join us and participate in this important ministry. We would welcome new members so if you are comfortable praying aloud and in being quiet before the Lord, and are happy with Zoom meetings, we would love to hear from you!

For further information please contact Peter Grint, who is the co-ordinator, on 01372 727771 or email

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