Mission Matters

We currently support ten missions on a regular basis at Christ Church. Each Mission has a dedicated Champion who promotes their particular cause and acts as liaison point with the church. The supported Missions receive financial contributions for a minimum of 3 years.

Our Missions are wide ranging and aim to cover the core areas of third world relief and development, distribution of the Bible, UK homelessness and child welfare.

The missions we support:


Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Mission Champion: Anne Fraser

CSW’s vision is a world free from religious persecution, where everyone can practise a religion or belief of their choice. 

It's a right we must protect, defend and restore. 


CSW seeks to challenge and change the laws, behaviours and policies which lead to abuses of the right to freedom of religion and belief. They have over three decades of experience advocating for such freedom around the world.  The work of CSW is rooted in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and they have specialist advocates working on over 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.  CSW works closely with the UN and the British Government, often producing reports or bringing abuses to the attention of government. 


Started in its present form in 1997, CSW’s head office is in New Malden and it has offices in London, Brussels, Casper WY, Edinburgh, Washington DC and Kaduna.  Mervyn Thomas, its founder, has been Chief Executive since 1999.


“We believe in the power of prayer to bring change.”

CSW works in the following ways:


WEEKLY PRAYER DIARIES https://www.csw.org.uk/prayer.htm) and regular updates are  published online and sent by email. 


CONNECT AND ENCOURAGE magazine https://www.csw.org.uk/connectencourage.htm

is online or available as a paper copy. You are asked to write letters of encouragement and hope to people suffering for their faith (or none).  These are assessed to make sure that nobody is endangered by receiving communications. Copies available in church.


ADVOCACY: research and documentation of human rights issues in order to bring about change.


CAMPAIGNS AND FUNDRAISING: to help raise awareness or bring cases to the attention of the British and other governments.


LIAISON WITH CHURCHES and their membership. CSW are very keen to be prayerfully and practically engaged with Christ Church and its members.  They would like to build a two-way relationship with us to enhance God’s work in the field of human rights and to help our church to grow in its practical understanding and application of “doing justice”. (Micah 6:8)


The Bishop of Guildford’s Communities Fund


Mission Champion: Alan Frame

The Bishop of Guildford’s Communities Fund (BGCF) exists to reach out to disadvantaged and vulnerable people across the Diocese of Guildford in the name of Christ.

Grants are offered to projects initiated by Church of England churches (and those in active partnership with them) to assist them to fulfil Goal 6 of our diocesan vision, Transforming Church, Transforming Lives:

"Together to increase the range, professionalism and spiritual fruitfulness of our partnerships with the local community, to help create a stronger, fairer and more sustainable society."

The Diocese of Guildford covers most of Surrey and parts of North East Hampshire and is generally regarded as an affluent part of the country. Across our communities, however, there are areas of real deprivation, made all the more challenging by the relative wealth of those who live nearby.

Many of our churches are already engaged in a range of community-based projects reaching into those areas and inspired by Jesus’ own commitment to the least, the last and the lost. The Bishop of Guildford’s Communities Fund is there to give them a helping hand, both with start-up grants and ongoing support.

The Fund gives grants to a range of community projects including those which:

  • Support people with disabilities and mental ill-health

  • Provide facilities and services for older citizens, children and young people

  • Support families and disadvantaged communities

  • Provide practical help for the financially challenged

  • Offer training and skills programmes.​



CBC University of Life

Mission Champion: Avril Shipton

Our Mission partners are Marc Marques, who founded the project, and his wife Ruth (who is Avril’s daughter). Univida is the UK charity supporting CBC, Crianças do Brasil para Cristo, Children of Brazil for Christ. CBC founded an after school project “University of Life” in 1985 in one of the slum favelas of Fortaleza. Two working teams from Christ Church have been to CBC and three past students and a teacher have visited Christ Church. Univida emails a bi monthly newsletter on request and paper copies are at the back of church.

With help from Univida, CBC provides:

  • A safe place for 260 children each day from the adjacent favela

  • A way out of poverty through education with a staff team of 20

  • Homework assistance, plus music, dance, drama, PE, art and IT

  • Hot food and clean water

  • Health, environmental and citizenship training

  • Christian principles & values

  • Family counselling and special needs support

  • Family and Community events

2020 UPDATE:


In 2019 there were 15 graduates and record pass rates from students in their state school exams. The art students performed a spectacular Christmas musical, The Mysteries of Christmas, for their families and friends.

Christ Church supported the “Oven Fund” raising £1,575 to replace the failing oven. At Christmas a selfie Angel with flip flop wings was made, the flip flops will be going to the project for the children.

For 2020 some staff have changed roles and new recruits are being trained. Ruth writes “We are excited to see our young teachers growing into a strong professional team.” Extra support for 11-14 year olds is being revised as new social challenges in the favela need to be addressed.


There is an urgent need to plant trees for shade because the average day time temperature is rising and also for privacy because the adjacent favela construction is now above the height of the perimeter wall. A fund called the “Environmental Treasure Campaign” will be launched soon.

An extract from a recent Newsletter. 

Marcia and Fernanda (not their real names) are twins in Year 7 and when asked what their expectations were for their studies.

Marcia replied: A successful future. We’ve spent three years waiting for an opportunity to come to CBC and now our dream has come true! Everything here is perfect, and I know I am going to learn a lot!

Fernanda said: This is a great opportunity for me to discover who I am and what I want for my life.


Fernanda is already in the dance team and we are so pleased that these beautiful dedicated young students will be with us at such a critical time in their young lives. Our grateful thanks to you for making this possible.


Thank you to Christ Church and to all individuals who make donations to support this project. Please surround the staff and children with your prayers that they may know God’s love in their lives.




Children's Society

Mission Champion: Marilyn Brown

The Children’s Society was founded in 1881 by Edward Rudolf, a Sunday School teacher, to help destitute children.

It supports disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people of all nationalities and faiths, wherever the need is greatest. All it’s projects are in England.


Currently it is working:

  • to prevent sexual and criminal exploitation 

  • to end childhood poverty 

  • to help children access the mental health support they need

  • to stop trafficking 

  • with young carers and those leaving the care system 

  • with those missing from home/care

  • with young refugees and asylum seekers

Using one to one and group sessions the Society’s staff counsel, support and advise young people in their local communities. In 2019 93 local services supported 9872 youngsters.

Campaigning is another way in which the Society effects change. With the help of its many supporters it lobbies local and national decision makers to change laws and practices to improve children’s lives.


As a result of the pandemic many services and all community fund raising (Shops, House Boxes and Events) have ceased. Some staff have been furloughed.


However a network of National Prevention Officers are continuing to provide support by ‘phone, online and where safe face to face.


Campaigning continues.


Childrens Soc.png

Church Army Marylebone Project

Mission Champion: Mike Reeves

The Church Army Marylebone Project provides:


  • 112 long and short term beds to homeless women in London;  

  • essential facilities and support to women who visit the rough sleeper’s drop-in. (The Project is currently working hard to achieve its vision of developing this into a 24/7 drop-in service for vulnerable women.)

  • education, employment and training opportunities and meaningful activities in order to support service users into independent living.

The women the Project supports are often affected by substance misuse, unemployment, domestic violence and mental health issues. Whatever their story, the Project aims for the same ending; self-esteem, employment and independent living. It does this by providing shelter, emotional support, education opportunities, spiritual space, and events in a welcoming and secure environment.

Values of the Project:

  • Hospitality - welcoming and respecting women into an inclusive, safe and secure environment

  • Empowerment - equipping women to make informed choices and to have a voice

  • Resettlement – encouraging and supporting women towards independent living

  • Spirituality - giving each woman hope to live life to the full because God loves us all unconditionally



The Besom in Ashtead

Mission Champion: Chris Purdy

The Besom is a prayer led Christian organisation that aims to be a bridge for local church members to give their time, their money or their household items to help local people in need, we have links with social workers and housing authorities who refer clients to us. We serve the surrounding area of Ashtead, Leatherhead, and Epsom.


The Besom exists to help you make a difference to the lives of others and to make it easy for you to do so.

The Besom is a service for those who have. The result of a well-functioning bridge is that the poorest are blessed, yet our focus is not primarily on the poor, but on those on the other side of the bridge who have things to give. Besom enables effective and involved giving, where the giver of time, money, skills or things can see the difference that their giving makes. 


The Besom is a lay-led faith ministry. It is our conviction that every member of the Body of Christ has been commissioned by the Lord to go into the world with His power and compassion, and that to do so does not require professional leadership qualification in advance. Rather, our focus is on equipping believers to serve from the grassroots, developing a response to teaching coming from the front.


The Besom is a relational service. Every stage of the Besom process is characterised by real and meaningful relationships. Whether that be within a Besom team, between team members and givers, team members and professional partners, or givers and recipients, at every stage of the process we are seeking to demonstrate Christ through our interactions with one another.



Orphan Aid logo.png

Orphan Aid

Mission Champion: Greg Edwards

OrphanAID, South Africa, has been operating since 2007 as a small outfit, supporting young children who have been orphaned as a result of losing one or two parents – primarily from the HIV/AID’s virus. Usually, the grandparents struggle in a country with no social welfare system to raise these children – and that’s where OA steps in to assist by : 

  • OrphanAid supports 200+ AIDS orphans, amongst other destitute families 

  • Feeding & Clothing Orphans 

  • Buildings for Orphans / families

  • Life skills training and discipleship 

  • Medicine and Clinics 

  • Schooling 

  • Providing a Place of Safety & Refuge 

  • Christian principles & living

2020 UPDATE :

The end of 2019 culminated in OA’s Annual Christmas party, which was held on the 11th - 14th Dec 2019 in Embo and Molweni, and was a big success. With the help and support of their local sponsors, they were able to bless over 200 orphans, underprivileged children and teens in the Valley of 1000 Hills area. 


As part of their Children’s Outreach program, OA have started a Smart kids club. Its main aim is to grow children into being aware of the importance of spiritual growth, academic achievements and matured independent individuals. 


Unfortunately, not much has taken place regarding the Embo Community Centre building except the installation of electricity and the new revised building plan done last year (December). 

It's a bit costly to finish the whole building and so the plan is to do it in stages . This means the hall will be the first priority early into 2020. 

We need to continue to prayer for them to make steady progress with the continuation of their Embo Community Centre development.

Once again, Elias and the OA volunteers want to thank ChristChurch for the continued support and charitable giving.





Mission Champion: Jose Taylor

Spinnaker provides support for Christian worship and religious education in local primary schools. With twelve Hubs in southeast England, the Epsom & Ewell Hub includes volunteers from Christ Church.


Spinnaker aims to serve each school they work with by providing teaching and support materials to the highest professional standards, which help to present the stories, events and messages of the Bible in a way that children understand and find interesting.


As well as providing stimulating Christian education and activities, Spinnaker helps schools to fulfil key elements of the national curriculum. SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) education is covered as well as a focus on Well-being which is now included within Ofsted reporting.

Local activities in Epsom and Ewell include collective worship (assemblies) and RE days and volunteers also run weekly ‘Fish Clubs’ at lunch times with stories, games and craft activities.

The key mission and outreach activity for the Epsom & Ewell Hub is the annual ‘Experience Easter’ Roadshow hosted by local churches. Around 1000 Year 5 (aged 9-10) primary children from schools as far as Stoneleigh and Leatherhead visit ‘Jerusalem’ in Holy Week to experience the sites and sounds of Jesus’s last days on earth.  This dramatic and moving event is enjoyed by pupils and staff alike and is a wonderful opportunity for the local Spinnaker team to present the most important story of all.



Vision Peoples in Mission

Mission Champion: Rosie & David Blacoe

For over 10 years now this church has had a connection with Vision Peoples in Mission.  It is run by The Revd Franklyn Otwoma, a Kenyan priest, who works at Korogocho, a Nairobi slum.

About two  million people live in huts made of tin, wooden sticks, mud and plastic. Children scavenge on the rubbish dumps for something they can sell in order to buy food. Many women are widows and children orphans as a result of the AIDS virus

Problems include:

  • Unemployment

  • Poverty

  • Lack of sanitary facilities

  • Disease

  • Poor housing

  • AIDS

VPM’s mission is:

  • To provide children with basic education and a main meal each day

  • To provide vocational training and literacy to women and young people so that they may learn tailoring and dressmaking, knitting, carpentry and masonry

  • To provide a primary health care programme.

  • To reach out with the Christian gospel.


Over the past few years VPM have provided a clinic where people can get free medical advice and medication, a dining room and kitchen where meals can be prepared and served and three latrines, one for boys, one for girls and one for staff.


Many of the children suffer from having no parents or parents who are unable to provide and care for them. At present 46 children are in foster homes. 20 children live in an orphanage. There are plans to relocate the orphanage and build a bigger house to provide for more children but so far no suitable location has been found.


Many children come to school without breakfast and children fro other schools in the neighbourhood have dropped out of school owing to lack of food. Haven School provides one basic meal a day. Prices of food have risen high and wood for the fires is becoming scarce. a gas cylinder is needed to fuel the cooking of the daily meals.


Many Kenyan people have felt the effect of drought which led to the loss of livestock on which many people depend for their living.


The country is hosting many refugees from the civil war in Somalia and everyone is suffering the effects of inflation.



Wycliffe Bible Translators

Mission Champion: James Petit

As part of its mission-giving Christ Church sponsors Wycliffe Bible Translators. The desire of Wycliffe Bible Translators is for every community across the globe to have access to the Bible. Wycliffe’s philosophy is based upon Jesus’ command to spread the word to all nations. The charity particularly focuses on areas of the world where the Bible is banned or where it is inaccessible such as remote mountainous regions of the world.

Each year Christ Church presents Wycliffe Bible Translators with a cheque for almost £1000. This usually happens on Bible Sunday which falls on the last Sunday of October. In the service we celebrate the great joy that we receive from sharing God’s word and we remember all those who are unable to enjoy the same privilege.


In many countries the liberating truths that are in the Bible are seen as a threat to oppressive regimes. To pronounce the simple truth that belief in Christ is ‘freedom’ is seen as a threat. As this is the case we should not be surprised to find that ownership of a Bible is very often seen as a crime punishable by arrest and sometimes death.

At Christ Church we do not take ownership of a Bible for granted, and we remember that some have paid the ultimate price so that we have access to it today.