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Orphan Aid Update for 2022

2022 Update from Elias Ochele, OrphanAID leader

Past year (2021) in review

Although COVID restrictions have been relaxed in most of South Africa, we are still having to deal with the many challenges post the Covid-19 pandemic with families and the community that we support. We have been attending to many cases of trauma, stress, depression among other problems and not to exclude the overwhelming demand of food relief among the needy as the economic impacts of Covid-19 pandemic are still evident. However, we are doing our best to meet with the children in our local bases for kids club, Religious activities and prayer, run soup kitchen, distribute food stuff and meet for fellowship.

Outreach activities this Year

We lost some of our staff during the COVID period, and it has been difficult to recruit or find new volunteers. Although these challenges, we have still been running soup kitchens in 4 local bases to help feed the children. We now feed approximately 120 children per week in our local bases. They do not only get fed, but also get the opportunity to be taught Bible stories, play games, and help them with school work.

On the Development of the Community Centre :

Regarding the development of our Outreach Community Centre, the lockdown did slow down the development plans, but we have managed to get the building work back on track this last year. Although the building is progressing slowly, we have had to change direction on what we develop due to lack of labourers available and shortage of funds during COVID. We have now used shipping containers to create walls / small rooms for the orphans, which is working well.

Thanks & Appreciation

Greg, we once again want to thank you for your support in representing us at ChristChurch, Epsom. Your financial contribution of R25,000 last year in June, helped us fill many gaps in our low resources. Thank you and God Bless to your Church.


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