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News from Vision Peoples in Mission, Nairobi - by David and Rosemary Blacoe

A few days before this past Christmas, we received the latest newsletter (click here) from Nairobi, from which we share below some of the difficulties being faced by this faithful team in a deprived community:

Korogocho is one of the largest slums in Nairobi and is made up of nine villages. The area is characterized by poor living standards and high levels of crime. Korogocho is different from other well-known informal settlements in Kenya such as Kibera and Mathare. It has been found to have high levels of poverty and low levels of infrastructure compared to the rest. Most organizations fear the area because of crime, in contrast to other informal settlements where residents are perceived to be more entrepreneurial. In terms of development projects, most are perceived to be initiated by NGO’s with government support in some way. However, the locals believe that the government is not doing enough for them. The situation in Korogocho is heartbreaking because most children raised in the slums end up in the streets being involved in crime and drugs. Some run away from school into the street life because that is all that they have experienced since they were born.

In Kenya, we were all affected by the hit of COVID-19 pandemic but the most affected were those people living in the slums. Most of them survive on daily wages which are no longer available. Nairobi is one of the counties that were on lockdown for a very long time. Since most of our projects are based in Korogocho, we were equally affected. The lockdown from the government has led to very many people losing their jobs and those in businesses are no longer able to trade. This means that most people no longer have a stable source of income. The situation is worst for the families living in the slums of Korogocho and the innocent children.

Despite their hardship, the Mission Team have generously sent to all their donors this season’s warm greeting:-

Christmas is the season of love, harmony, and celebration. This is a particular time to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. We often hear it said that the greatest joy in life is the birth of a child. It is something extraordinary and it changes everything. That is what Christmas is: the birth of Jesus is the newness that enables us to be reborn each year and to find in him the strength needed to face every trial. Isaiah prophesied. “For unto us is born this day a Saviour". God always loves us with a greater love than we have for ourselves. God knows that the only way to save us, to heal us from within, is by loving us - there is no other way. He knows that we become better only by accepting his unfailing love, an unchanging love that changes us. Only the love of Jesus can transform our life, heal our deepest hurts and set us free from the vicious circles of disappointment, anger and constant complaining.

But at such times of joy, we should remember those who are much less fortunate than us. Amidst all the shopping for gifts, we should also remember to make a voluntary contribution to uplift our society. So this Christmas, you might just be the Santa Claus for someone who really needs help, a gift as small as a blanket or warm food might cheer them up more than one can imagine. You can make someone happy just by talking to them - everyone has at least one needy person living across the road or maybe around the corner of the street. As a part of this festive season, we should also remember everyone in our community.


The Mission Director, Bishop Franklyn Otwoma, knows the Christian community in Epsom and truly appreciates the generous support from Christ Church over many years. We continue to share in love donations to VPM which a number of our congregation and others in Epsom and across the UK have made over the Christmas period. This allows them to continue in their faithful commitment to their feeding and medications programmes to the many needy residents in Korogocho.

Please pray for VPM. To learn more about all their extensive activities, click here

David & Rosemary Blacoe (Mission Champions)

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