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Can you help during Christian Aid Week 2022?

Can you help Christian Aid this year by house to house envelope delivery, in streets in the parish of Christ Church Epsom Common? In the past we have had up to 29 people helping with this, but there will be fewer this year, so we need to recruit more helpers.

There are two options:

1) 'Traditional' house to house collection, delivering the envelopes earlier in the week, then calling again, days later, to ask if the occupants would like to contribute cash in the delivered envelope.

2) Using 'Deliver Only' envelopes which encourage people to give by the more modern ways of telephone, online or by posting a cheque to Christian Aid.

If you can help, and have not had a personal email about this from Jenny already, please contact Jenny Power as soon as you can, (latest 10th March) and indicate whether you would prefer option 1) (house-to-house collection), or option 2) (the new “Deliver Only” envelopes?)

Christian Aid week starts May 15th, so supplies of envelopes have to be ordered very soon after 10th March and we need replies in soon, please.

Thank you


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