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Welcome to our new website!

After a busy couple of weeks the new website is finally live. The project has been on the horizon for a few years, and was planned to be completed later this year, but when Covid-19 began, the PCC and website team felt that the new site could be a valuable resource to a community in lockdown and so decided to bring forward the release date. It has been wonderful to see how people across the church have worked together to make this happen and to put together a program of virtual events to ensure that our worship can continue. Thanks to all who have been involved.

Our focus was on activities and resources relevant to our current times. You will find details of upcoming online events, all the videos recorded so far and some useful resources for your own worship at home. The site doesn't yet have details of all our 'normal' activities (including services, music, children, missions and giving), but we are working hard to get those pages finalised and added over the coming weeks.

So have a look around and let us know what you think. A website is very much a living, evolving beast, so think of this as the beginning, rather than a final product. If there is anything you think would be useful to add, let us know!

Finally, please do subscribe to the blog to receive new blog posts and other news direct to your inbox.

Alistair Wells

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