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Christ Church Lent Appeal 2024

Surrey is one of the wealthiest counties in the UK but despite this there are some

areas of great deprivation.

Bishop Andrew says:

“The last few years have been a very challenging time for many in our

communities, faced as they are with the continuing impact of the cost-of-living

crisis and the psychological scarring of the Covid pandemic. In my weekly

travels around the Diocese, I have been impressed time and again by the

many ways in which our churches and schools have been looking to respond –

but have also noticed an increasing gap between the needs of the

communities and the ability of churches to respond to them. Both finances and

volunteers can end up stretched very thinly indeed.

The Bishop of Guildford’s Communities Fund is there to help bridge that gap,

providing grants to support parishes and other church-linked organisations to

reach out into the most challenged parts of our communities with the love of

Christ. Last year we made six grants totalling £21,000 to different projects

throughout the diocese, some of them featured below. We would have been

able to do considerably more, had a greater sum been raised through the Lent

Appeal and elsewhere, and we would love to be able to increase our

donations in 2024.

The BGCF is run entirely by willing volunteers, so its running costs are

negligible. Please could I encourage each one of us to consider making a one-

off gift this Lent, and parishes to take a special collection for the BGCF at

some point during this season?”

To find out more about the real need for support in our Diocese and to watch

some 2 minute videos about the groups supported, see the link below which also

gives an opportunity to donate online.

Alan Frame (Missions Champion)

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