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The Children's Society - 140th Anniversary, Covid and 2030 Vision

This year the Society is celebrating its 140th Anniversary, making it one of the oldest charities in the country. 1881 to 2020 The Church of England Waifs and Strays Society, as it was then called, was founded by Edward Rudolf after he saw 2 of his Sunday School pupils begging following the death of their father. Early work was dominated by the provision of safe accommodation for vulnerable children. Later the Society opened residential nurseries for babies and children. It became a registered adoption agency in 1935 and placed several thousand children with families until the 1970s. By then fewer children were in homes or being placed for adoption so the Society refocused it’s work to preventative and community based projects and working for social justice for the young. In 2020 the Society worked with 11,500 young people and it’s research and campaigning created positive change for 1000s more. Covid The pandemic has made life even tougher for disadvantaged youngsters: - there are now 4 million children living in poverty an