MGSO4 DISCOVER interactive walk panels

Discover Epsom Common

Interactive Walk by Christ Church Youth Group

6th - 8th July

as part of borough wide Arts Festival

This is a fun interactive walk across the beautiful Epsom Common where 400 years ago local farmer Henry Wicker discovered the natural waters that produced the salts that made our town famous.

On the route you should discover 10 street art panels. Using your mobile phone, scan the QR codes to discover more about the church’s decorative features and the Christian faith by linking to our website

You can walk the route either way beginning at the Epsom Well in Well Way KT18 7LP, or at Christ Church, Christ Church Rd KT19 8NE.

The route takes approximately 20-30 minutes depending on how fast you walk!

Please wear sensible shoes and avoid going off the path into long grass because of Ticks.  Also take care to avoid nests of the caterpillar of the Oak Processionary Moth which could be forming on the branches and trunks of oak trees. These caterpillars have very toxic hairs and can cause skin irritation.  The nests which look like a clump of cobwebs, can form lower down on tree trunks. Please keep clear and report them if seen.

The Route

Panel 1 (or 10) by historical site of well.

Follow the CD’s along Wickers Way.

Panel 2 (or 9) by Wells centre entrance on tree.

Turn right along Spa Drive, up the hill towards the common, crossing over The Crescent and The Greenway following the ribbons on the lamp posts.

Panel 3 (or 8) on entrance to Common.

Walk along the public footpath, Pepys Way - ¼ mile to Bracken Path.

Panel 4 (or 7) on corner.

Panel 5 (or 6) by dead tree.

Panel 6 (or 5) near sapling.

Panel 7 (or 4) on apex of bend.

Panel 8 (or 3) on end of Pepys Way/ corner Bracken Path.

Follow Church Side around bend via 2 more coloured lamp posts.

Panel 9 (or 2) on signpost to Christ Church 220 yards.

Walk straight along path to church past final 2 lamp posts to

Panel 10 (or 1) on boundary wall by Christ Church.

Follow CD’s into the church to see the original features for yourselves!

Inside the church you will find light refreshments, local history exhibition, and further children’s trail worksheets.

We hope you have enjoyed our walk.



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Panel 1 - White Friar

Panel 2 - Wardens Staves

Panel 3 - Angel Window

Panel 4 - Baptism Jug

Panel 5 - Henry Hoover

Panel 6 - WW1 Memorial

Panel 7 - Gargoyle

Panel 8 - Tower

Panel 9 - St. Monica

Panel 10 - St. Mark Mosaic

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