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The Children's Society Update - July 2022

Mission Champion: Marilyn Brown

Review of 2021 The Children’s Society - Hope for a better future.

The Children’s Society changes lives and gives hope to young people facing

abuse, exploitation, poverty and neglect.

In 2021 it worked with over 11,000 children and young people. It works one to

one and in group sessions. It gives parental guidance and trains and equips

teachers, the police and other professionals. Much of its work is via projects/

programmes. Here are a few:

CLIMB- in partnership with West Mercia Police - provides positive activities,

such as sport and art, for young people aged 10-17. It’s gets them off the streets

so they do not get caught up in criminal activities (county lines).

RISE - in Newcastle and Gateshead for 5-18 year olds with mental health and

emotional problems.

INCLUDE - a countrywide programme to support young carers

CHECKPOINT TORBAY - supports teachers and other professionals to recognise

signs of sexual exploitation.

CHHAT - in Essex supports young people whose parents have alcohol/ drug

related problems.

The DISRUPTING EXPLOITATION PROGRAMME - which works in England and

Wales to make children safer by giving them an understanding of exploitation

and improving their relationship with family and friends.

The Society continues its campaigns, currently to make children's well being a

priority and for guardians to be appointed for young refugees. In June a group

of 100 young people lobbied Parliament about the failure of the social care

system for the young.

Thanks to all who supported my fund raising efforts over the past year.

The profit on Christmas Card Sales was £455.15.

House Boxes raised £492.30.

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