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SONblest by Revd Rosemary Donovan

People of a certain age will remember the waxy wrapping

paper that packaged the oblong white loaf of Sunblest

bread. Changing the ‘u’ to an ‘o’ we are going to focus on

different aspects of faith as we enjoy a more relaxed style

of worship during the summer weeks. We pray we will be

BLEST with fine weather for our outdoor services and this

special season of celebration as we begin the roadmap to

recovery at Christ Church.

B is for Beauty – the joy of creation, being in, and worshipping with, nature.

L is for Love – the fellowship we share as church family that cares for one


E is for Empathy – as we seek to understand one another more, building on our

pastoral principles discussions.

S is for Shalom – the Hebrew word for peace. We pray for peace in our hearts,

in our homes, in our community and whole world. Philippians 4:7 talks about

‘the peace of Christ which passes all understanding.’ It is this peace that we


T is for Thanksgiving – in Greek ‘eucharistia’. The Eucharist (or Holy Communion)

is the heart of our worship at Christ Church. We have never ceased celebrating

the sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour throughout the various Lockdowns,

whether gathered virtually around a domestic table or makeshift altar in the

garden. Our God has been faithful, and we want to come back together with a

great PARTY! We cannot go to Greenbelt so a Greenbelt style service is coming

to us for all the family beginning with a BBQ, accompanied by live music, and

followed by drinks and a film. Something for everyone and that includes you.

Come and be SONblest this summer at Christ Church!

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