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Road to Emmaus

A poem by Merinda D’Aprano

Originally part of the ‘Stations of the Resurrection’ Art exhibition

at Christ Church Epsom in 2015

We walked.

Stumbling with doubt

And the bitter tang of loss

After rapt faith.


The dry broken road

A kiln of scorching grief.

Questions assailed us.

The hot dust choked and

The horizon shimmered,

A mirror for our confusion.

Then the stranger slipped silently between us.



Until He broke the bread we were blind.

And yet,

With Him on that road,

The spirit swirled about us.

Opened our ears,

Loosened our tongues.

Laughter fell from our serious lips.

My heart rose and sang

Animated, ecstatic -

My soul burned.

Grief assuaged,

Anger abandoned,

Fear destroyed.

And thus comforted

We asked the stranger to stay

And found again the Lord

So you, friend,

Fearful and blinded,



Dance in the reeling spirit,

Unbound -

Let your heart loose.

And never doubt

The Lord is with you

In friend and stranger

Without and within,

On every road.

Offer your bread with loving hands

And invite your guest to stay.

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