• Christ Church Epsom

"My Lord and my God" - Low Sunday 2020 Sermon

Today is Low Sunday, the first after Easter, so called, it is often wrongly said, because after all the joy of Easter Sunday we are on the back foot, not quite sure how to go forward. Like the disciples we are in lockdown in that short period between the fulfilment of Christ’s mission at Easter and the full realisation of its meaning. Actually it is probably a simply a corruption of the word “laudes” meaning praise.

Our Gospel text today has much to say to us: the nature of faith, the nature of the resurrected Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. But above all it speaks to me of the impossibility of trying to prove our faith in any other way than by living it.

Many years ago, I read a commentary on this passage which pointed out that Thomas’ desire to touch Christ’s scars was not actually fulfilled in the Gospel. Indeed, the very offer was enough to convince him of the authenticity of the resurrection sightings for which he had shown such scepticism. I choose to believe this. To be fair, John’s story IS ambiguous. Maybe this is true; maybe Thomas didn’t need to actually touch the risen Christ, but to me this speaks of the effect the very presence of Jesus can have in our lives.