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Living Well in Lockdown

Some holy habits for this season:

1. Stay connected

· Talk to others daily by phone/social media

· Say how you are being affected/ feeling

· Connect to God, pour your heart out

· Go for walks, keep social distancing

2. Build structure into your day

· Set meal times

· Daily exercise

· Bible study

· Limit time on social media / following news/ only get information form a reliable source

3. Get back a sense of control

· Make a list of what you do and do not have control of

· Take a look at what you do not have control of and surrender it to God

· Look at the things you can control, acknowledge them to yourself and practice them e.g. clean and organise

· Jobs you have put off but have time for now

· Study

· Learn a new skill

4. Express your competency

· Do things you are good at, that give you a sense of achievement

5. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings

· Watch them go by in your mind’s eye but do not grab onto them

· Don't get into imaginings i.e. worst-case scenarios. Deal with the real stuff in your life

· Stay in the now.

6. Exercise and laugh

· Breathe and relax

7. Put what is happening into the perspective of the bigger picture/ a longer timeline.

· i.e. it will end, and life will resume again.

8. Be aware that old issues can be triggered

· Limit worry time, you can schedule it into your day e.g. 10 minutes and no more. Write it out/ journal

· Talk to others too.

9. Practice gratitude

· Express it: journal/ out loud to self to others in appreciation of them.

10. Remember other difficult times and how you have coped and got through it.

· Reassure yourself you can cope

11. Remember life is a gift from God and he is ultimately in charge.

· Read scripture

· Pray

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