• Christ Church Epsom

Easter in our Midst

Easter Sunday Sermon 2020.

In this current time, it is difficult to believe that resurrection has come. The news understandably has one topic, but we know that this is a time of joy as well as sorrow for families across the world; there are births as well as death. We have learnt a little more about what is important and how much our relationships with God in Jesus and with our family and friends mean to us. There have been so many tragic and worrying losses and ways in which life is diminished but there have been unexpected gains too: taking more time to think, to pray, to relax , to cook, to read, to phone and text friends and family. There has been food donated for the hungry, shelter found for the homeless. You might have seen the advert for the new ‘Have I got News for You?” on television where Ian Hislop looks nostalgically back to the days when he was lamenting that Brexit was the only topic in the news. If only……

I guess we feel a little like those first Christian disciple