copy to be retained by the Hirer

Hiring of the Hall is arranged by the Hall Bookings Secretary (“the Lessor”) on behalf of Christ Church Parochial Church Council (“the PCC”) and is subject to the following conditions.


  1. The Hall may be used only for the purposes agreed via the Lessor, being within the general criteria of “being for the benefit of the surrounding community and consistent with the Christian faith.” These do not include Halloween parties.

  2. The maximum number of persons allowed is 100 on the ground floor and 80 on the first floor.

  3. Bookings are available only for periods between 0900 hrs. and 2300 hrs. Half an hour is allowed before and after the event for setting up and clearing away. The Hirer shall not use the Hall outside the permitted period.

  4. Sub-letting or other transfer of the booking is not permitted.

  5. The kitchen – which is not licensed by the environmental health authorities – must not be used for cooking – i.e. preparing dishes from their ingredients. (It may be used for reheating previously prepared food or for keeping it hot.)

  6. The fenced off grass area between the Hall and Church may be used, but no other part of the churchyard may be used except for access.

  7. No naked flames (including barbecues) are permitted on hall premises or in the church grounds, with the exception of regular-sized birthday cake candles.

  8. By law, there shall be no smoking in the Hall.

  9. No tickets are to be sold at the door to members of the public, and no alcohol is to be sold on the premises.

  10. No posters or other notices are to be displayed anywhere on Christ Church premises without prior approval obtained via the Lessor.

  11. Nothing is to be attached to the walls, ceilings or movable partitions. Use of drawing pins, adhesive tape, Blu-Tack or the like is forbidden as it damages the surfaces. (There is a picture rail which may be used to hang balloons etc.)


  1. The PCC accepts no responsibility during the hire period either for injury, accident or death to any person arising from the hirer’s actions or inaction or for damage, loss or theft of any property belonging to the Hirer or to other persons attending the premises. Hirers should make their own insurance arrangements.

  2. The Hirer shall:

    1. be liable for any damage caused to the premises, furniture and fittings therein arising from the hire period;

    2. report any such damage and breakages to the Lessor as soon as practicable;

    3. record in the Accident Book (kept in the Hall Kitchen) any accident occurring during the hire period, and also report this to the Lessor as soon as practicable;

    4. indemnify the PCC for any expenses incurred as a result of the hiring, including claims for infringement of copyright; and

    5. be responsible for maintaining good order during the hire period and for ensuring that no nuisance is caused to users of other parts of the Hall, to activities in the church, or to residents in the vicinity of the premises. (See also the next section.)

  3. The Hirer shall pay the agreed hire fee at least one month before the booked date – or, if the booking is made less than a month in advance, immediately. In the absence of payment on these terms, the booking may be cancelled.


  1. The Hirer (or another adult, nominated by the Hirer, whose name and address must have been communicated to the Lessor before the date of hiring) shall be present during the whole period of the hiring.

  2. The Hirer (or other adult as nominated under the preceding paragraph) shall familiarise him or herself with the “Guidance on Fire Procedures and Emergency Evacuation” displayed on the notice board in the entrance lobby and, in the event of fire:

    1. follow that guidance; and

    2. as soon as possible thereafter, notify the Lessor or other representative of the PCC.

  3. The Hirer shall ensure that sufficient responsible adult helpers are present to supervise the planned activities, and that they are also aware of the “Guidance on Fire Procedures and Emergency Evacuation” mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

  4. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that any electrical equipment brought onto the premises is safe to use.

  5. The Hirer shall take all reasonable steps to:

    1. keep the fire exits, which are clearly marked, free of obstruction at all times;

    2. ensure that any children present are supervised and protected at all times;

    3. prevent the occurrence of any injury, loss, damage or harm to people or property;

    4. ensure that the hot water urn in the kitchen is operated only in accordance with the instructions posted alongside it;

    5. prevent any tampering with the central heating and water heating arrangements, which are pre-set;

    6. avoid any damage to the flooring either by dragging furniture or from sharp points and edges;

    7. in particular, ensure that no one present wears footwear (such as stiletto heels) that may damage the flooring;

    8. clean up immediately anything spilt on the floor, furniture or walls; and

    9. ensure that no disorderly person enters or remains in the premises.

  6. The decision of a member of the PCC or the Lessor on acceptable noise levels and proper use of the premises is final. If sufficient action is not taken by the Hirer to reduce noise levels when requested, the electrical power will be switched off. If sufficient action is not taken by the Hirer to restore proper use of the premises when requested, the PCC member or Lessor may terminate the hiring and the premises shall be vacated forthwith. In neither case will the PCC or Lessor accept any liability for any damage incurred or loss of booking amenity.


  1. The Hall, including the kitchen and toilets, must be left in a clean condition, comparable to the condition at the beginning of hire. (The cleaning cupboard – which contains cleaning equipment and materials – is the first door on the right on entering the Hall. The key to the cupboard has a red tag and hangs inside the kitchen cupboard door on the left of the serving hatch.) In particular:

    1. Chairs and tables shall be tidily stacked away.

    2. All kitchen surfaces shall be left clean and tidy and all taps should be securely turned off. The cooker must be cleaned after use.

    3. China, cutlery and other utensils shall be left clean – for which the Hirer will need to bring tea towels – and put away after use.

    4. All unused food and drink shall be removed from the premises.

    5. All rubbish shall also be taken away by the Hirer – who should bring some rubbish sacks for this purpose.

  2. Before vacating the premises, sliding partitions shall be left open, all curtains drawn open, all windows and doors shut and locked, and all lights switched off.

  3. The keys shall be returned securely to the key safe immediately after the hire unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the Lessor.


  1. The hall toilets are a shared resource for hirers and for people attending functions in the church.

  2. The PCC reserves the right to cancel any agreement to hire by giving notice of cancellation and returning the fee paid by the Hirer who shall have no further claim on the PCC.

  3. The Lessor, members of the PCC, and duly authorised officers of the Local Authority shall be allowed access to the premises at all times.

  4. These conditions are subject to any variations as may be required to comply with Local Authority requirements.

[v. 7/16]