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For over 10 years now this church has had a connection with Vision Peoples in Mission.  It is run by The Revd Franklyn Otwoma, a Kenyan priest, who works at Korogocho, a Nairobi slum.

About two  million people live in huts made of tin, wooden sticks, mud and plastic. Children scavenge on the rubbish dumps for something they can sell in order to buy food. Many women are widows and children orphans as a result of the AIDS virus

Problems include:

  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Lack of sanitary facilities
  • Disease
  • Poor housing
  • AIDS

VPM’s mission is:

  • To provide children with basic education and a main meal each day
  • To provide vocational training and literacy to women and young people so that they may learn tailoring and dressmaking, knitting, carpentry and masonry
  • To provide a primary health care programme.
  • To reach out with the Christian gospel.

Over the past few years VPM have provided a clinic where people can get free medical advice and medication, a dining room and kitchen where meals can be prepared and served and three latrines, one for boys, one for girls and one for staff.

Many of the children suffer from having no parents or parents who are unable to provide and care for them. At present 46 children are in foster homes. 20 children live in an orphanage. There are plans to relocate the orphanage and build a bigger house to provide for more children but so far no suitable location has been found.

Many children come to school without breakfast and children fro other schools in the neighbourhood have dropped out of school owing to lack of food. Haven School provides one basic meal a day. Prices of food have risen high and wood for the fires is becoming scarce. a gas cylinder is needed to fuel the cooking of the daily meals.

Many Kenyan people have felt the effect of drought which led to the loss of livestock on which many people depend for their living.

The country is hosting many refugees from the civil war in Somalia and everyone is suffering the effects of inflation.

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Registered as a charity with the Charities Commission Charity No. 1127945