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Mission Champion Avril Shipton
Website www.univida.org

UNiViDA is the UK Charity, Field Director Ruth Marques, which provides support for CBC - University of Life in Brazil, founded by Marc Marques in the 1980s.

CBC - University of Life, a Christian educational project for 200 children aged 7-14 years from the slums of Fortaleza, Brazil. It provides:

  • ·      20 hours of education / child / week
  • ·      Hope for children and their families by saving children from the dangers on the streets.




Chirst Church has: 

  • Made a lasting impact by sending a team of volunteers to help the project, in 2012 and again 2015
  • Hosted visitors from CBC - University of Life
  • Committed to upholding in prayer the staff and children
  • Given financial support to UNiViDA, which is helping CBC – University of Life to:

o    employ a team of dedicated Christian teaching staff

o    provide daily hot food and clean water for the students

o   undertake maintenance and upgrading of the facilities.

The enthusiastic staff team with Marc and Ruth Marques

Pray for UNiViDA - From the Roots to the Fruits

·      The roots are the founders, trustees, all who pray and support the project. Pray for the flow of confidence and strength, steadfast faith, nurture and hope for each day.

·     The trunk is the project, exposed in the slums, an environment of poverty, lawlessness, disease, violence and injustice. The land immediately around the project is currently being illegally occupied. Pray for right relationships with neighbours and civic authorities.

·     The branches are the staff team who bear the burdens of the children as they bring their hopes and fears to the project each day. Pray for the staff in this incredibly challenging job, teaching and ministering to these needy children.

·     The fruits are the children, constantly growing, searching for wholeness, healing and purpose. Pray that they will reach their potential in Christ as unique and beautiful creations.


UNiViDA's 2017 Project 

The current Year 7 students are asking for a Year 8 group so that they can stay on at the project.  This requires a senior teacher to develop their life skills and work, college or apprentice potential.

An extra £7,000 per year is needed for this teacher.

Plus £2,000 to fit out the classroom.





For further details and the bi-monthly newsletter visit www.univida.org

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