2020 Vision

Prayerfully discerned over a significant period of time our 2020 Vision Plan is a 5 year process of establishing God’s call for this community.

The strap line of “Christ Church as a Living Well and Christ Church living well,” is a holistic process that impacts us physically, spiritually and intellectually.

As a ‘Living Well’ we seek to be a place of resource that the local community would want to go to and be part of. We want to provide good facilities for worship and events. This means paying attention to the physical ambiance – seating, lighting and audio equipment and creating a new hospitality area that is flexible, welcoming and well equipped.

Our premises should also resource us spiritually. A vibrant, inspiring place to be with an aura of awe and wonder, encounter and meeting, where people can find God and experience love, peace and joy.

Our activities too should be ones that people find they need because they fuel them emotionally and intellectually by providing stimulation and challenge.

As a result of Christ Church being a Living Well, the community will find they are ‘living well’, as this impacts on other areas of life. People themselves will be physically, spiritually and intellectually healthy as programmes will encourage healthy diets and physical exercise, appropriate work/life balance and sustained prayer life as well as creative outlets and social justice.

“A Christian is not someone who says, ‘Jesus is Lord’, but someone who gives a drink of water.”- Ray Simpson. Based on the story of woman at the well in John 4, ‘Christ Church as a Living Well and living well’, seeks to respond in a mutually cyclical way to Christ’s request and human desire.

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